PROCEDURES = PDF = For Download in the Homepage: 


1.  Buyer confirm to Seller the Quantity (by WhatsApp). 


2.  Seller confirm to Buyer the Price (by WhatsApp). 


3.  Buyer reads the SCO + ask for the Prices = To whom it may concern in the Homepage for Download. So, Buyer knows all conditions and prices for to put in Buyer's ICPO signed & stamped. 


4.  Buyer complete, issues and signs himself (s. PDF in Word online) irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO) with all the Banking Details. The ICPO-Template is in the Homepage for download.


5.  Seller sends the Pro Forma Invoice. 


6.  Buyer’s Bank sends DL/C or SBLC MT/760 (as guarantee only) for the value of monthly shipments, payable against shipping documents at unloading port. 


7.     Sellers bank will verify and send 2% Performence Bond Guarantee (PB). 


8.     Seller prepares shipment within 30–45 days. 

Steelscrap Trading - Giuliano S. Wildhaber
CH-9631 Ulisbach / SG, Olensbachstr. 11 (Switzerland)
+41 76 690 12 13 (WhatsApp) + [email protected]

Payment terms: Irrevocable, transferable. fully covered 100% LC MT 700 at sight equal to the Value of the Commercial Pro Forma Invoice. And the Value of each shipment is partially released upon receipt at the ASW Port. 


We are so cheap because South Africa is a large Country in terms of area and the temperatures can range from minus 40 degrees to plus 40 degrees. This means that railway rails are worn out so much, that they have to be completely replaced every 5 years. Domestically, therefore, the prices are affordable. 

THE CLIENT:  Customer is truly King. It is because of our clients that we are in business. We strives to provide the best quality product at the most competitive cost. Not only that, we improve customer service experience by processing your order as fast as possible and optimize delivery time. We also promise the most conducive contract and payment terms for clients.

We are only interested on annual contracts with an absolutly minimum of 1'000/mt per month = per anno 12'000/mt. The Prices are negotiable and depend on the Quantities ordered. Always CIF = Cost + Insurance + Freight included: To Any Safe Port Worldwide (ASPW).

VIA: WELLINGTON LLC (ID 406329888), Mikheil-Gakhokidze-Street No. 49, Tbilisi, (Georgia)
Why an LLC Company in Georgia? Because Georgia specialised in DL/C deals and is not Part of the AIA (Automatischer Informations Austausch) or the CRS Common Reporting Standard !

The Legal Entity: Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). One or more directors can own an LLC. Directors & CEOs do not have to be Georgian Residents or even visit Georgia to open an LLC.

C/O:  GIULIANO S. WILDHABER (CEO), Olensbachstrasse 11, 9631 Ulisbach / SG, (Switzerland)
Phone:   +41 76 690 12 13 (WhatsApp)


01. BANK = 

02. BANK = 


Georgia is becoming an increasingly popular jurisdiction for doing business internationally. The attractiveness factors include the country’s top ranks in international ratings on easy of starting and maintaining a business as well as the fact Georgia has proven itself to be a corruption-free destination.

Additionally, due to many benefits – such as the absence of currency control rules, the free inflow and outflow of foreign capital, the comparatively low cost of services, as well as the stability of the banking system – Georgia constitutes an attractive non-EU hub for structuring an international business. Of further importance is the fact that a foreign investor may enjoy all the respective benefits of doing business in or via Georgia without the necessity to stay or come to Georgia.

Georgia is not part of the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), so there is no exchange of information which guarantees maximum privacy. There is a choice of local and international banks providing remote bank account openings, like TBC BANK and BANK OF GEORGIA. The account can be in the following currencies: EUR, CHF, USD, GBP or GEL. Internet banking and a VISA or Mastercard Card is included.


01. YouTube:  Removing + Cutting of Old Railway Panels (Recycling) - YouTube = 1:44 !

02. YouTube:   Used Rail Way Steel Scrap = Recycling & Trading ww - YouTube = 1:54 !

03. YouTube:  Used Rail Way Steel Scrap Trading & Recycling (1+2) - YouTube = 01. + 02. = 03 = 3:39 !

04. YouTube:  HSBC Trade Academy | Import Letter of Credit – helping to minimise risk - YouTube

05.  YouTube: HSBC Trade Academy | Export Letter of Credit - YouTube
Used Rails Specification:

R-50: 51.67 Kg/m – GOST-7173-75
R-65: 64.72 Kg/m – GOST-8165-75


The scrap consists of R50-R65 of Rails as R-50 (51.67kg/m-GOST-7173-75), 
R65 (64.72 kg/m-GOST-8165-75), and Length: Fr, according to INCOTERMS-2010.

Chemical Analysis: Scrap-R50 - R65

Chemical Composition: 

C:    0.06 - 0.082% 

Mn: 0.75 - 1.05% 

SI:   0.13 - 0.28% 

P:    Max 0.035% 

S:    Max 0.045% 

Ar:  Max 0.15%

As: 0.01% Max of Mass share
For Questions we will hold a - WhatsApp Conference - due the Corona Circumstances.

Giuliano Stefano Giovanni WILDHABER (Born 04. June 1952 - Swiss Citizen)

Export Office: 

Tel: +41 76 690 12 13 + [email protected]

CH-9631 Ulisbach / SG
Olensbachstrasse 11

/s/Giuliano Stefano Wildhaber CEO